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Are you looking for a fast, professional and cost effective company to help you with those really tricky removals and cleaning jobs? Then look no further than Any Rubbish. Based in Lewisham and serving surrounding London areas with 10 years experience and knowledge, Any Rubbish are available six days a week to help you in anyway we can.

From a full house clearance after squatters have been evicted to rubbish collection and chute clearance – we have all the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done to the highest standards possible.

We guarantee you will be happy with our service – in the unlikely event that you are unhappy, we will not charge you for the service.

Our void property and other commercial cleaning services include:

  • Squatters eviction house clean-up
  • Sharp search service (removal of needles, syringes etc)
  • Bin room cleaning
  • Rubbish collection and chute cleaning
  • Bird fouling removal service
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning

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” I have lived in my current house for 11 years and several weeks ago I was persuaded by my children that I should clear the clutter from the attic.

In the past I have always used skips but used to get fed up with ‘passers by’ dumping their rubbish in it. Additionally, I was never confident about how the rubbish was being disposed of.

On this occasion, I decided to use the services of Any Rubbish because I know they’re licensed by the Environmental Agency and could trust that they would dispose of my rubbish legally.

Interestingly, in the 24 hours that the rubbish was lying on the grass, no less than 6 people knocked on the door and offered to take it away for ‘knock down’ prices. When I asked what they would do with it, they were unable to answer.

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This Company made an unenviable task so much easier and I have no hesitation in recommending them. ”

Edith Maskell – Bromley Health Management


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